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Dr. Patrick Narchi

Patrick Narchi, MD 

Main fields:

regional anesthesia

postoperative pain

ambulatory surgery

home nerve catheters

ultrasound-guided nerve blocks

DVD simulators

1- CD nerve blocks (1996)

2- DVD nerve blocks with simulator (2002)
3- DVD ultrasound-guided nerve blocks with simulator (2008)

       Working in a private hospital in South-west France (Angouleme) since 2002

Board member of the French Society of Anesthesia (2003-2006)

Board of ESRA: French representative 2003-2009

Expert in the French hotline “SOS-ALR” group 

ASRA speaker from 1996- 2011

ESRA speaker from 2003-2014

World congress of Anaesthesia: 2000, 2204, 2008, 2012

World Congress of Regional Anesthesia (Sydney, February 2013)

World Congress of Regional Anesthesia (Capetown, Novembre 2014)

Scientific committee of many meetings: ASRA, MAPAR, ESRA, AGORA

Organization of live teleconference for nerve blocks for ESRA (2005), ASRA (2002), WCA (2004), ISRA (2000)

Cochairman of the University Diploma (Lebanese University-Beirut): Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia