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The developing countries represent the bigger sector of the world map.

WIP is keen to serve this huge sector by providing their primary need . As an international non profitable organization, WIP  depicts the need for us to tackle an intense demand for this sector of the world under our domain (pain Management).

Acute pain management (APM) is a basic need in any hospital setting (particularly among medium& low income countries).  As  members in the EXB & as a Middle East Section we will  be able to proceed with an initiative for APM   for developing countries.

We accomplish our mission and vision by addressing the clinical and professional educational needs of physicians in the developing countries, ensuring excellence in patient care utilizing pain medicine.

To ensure this an electronically active project will deliver a link among countries (Middle East …Africa…East Europe… Latin America) through a special sector on the WIP website   in which we publish the forums, papers, experiences  helpful to achieve our goal .We will add a  special interest group (SIG) email through which we will  be able to communicate in a live interaction to exchange knowledge and respond to queries from colleagues in remote areas by key authorities from all over the globe in different subspecialities in acute pain management.

The whole project is based on communication between physicians all over the developing countries and experts  who can give them advices, respond to their questions and queries, guide them in their path to develop their own  acute pain service as convenient to their demands and potentials….   The more we have interaction on this electronic gate  the more value we can add to the practice in developing countries and finally the bigger the impact will be of WIP in pain physicians’ lives all over the globe 

Due to website and “member” registration issues unique to WIP, since there will be no membership requirement to register to participate in the APM project website, WIP has positively embarked to create a new unique group database for APM project registrations.  This way relevant interested physicians will be able to register without paying a fee. We will  have the Forum “blog” access, and we can administer surveys, etc. 

There won’t be journal access, because there’s no way to accommodate that without a membership.  However, we can establish a link to join for those who are interested in a membership, but that won’t be a requirement for the APM project.