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Minutes Board Meeting - Sept 2015

Minutes of second board meeting APM project 23rd of September:


Magdi Iskander
Amany E. Ayad

Points that were discussed:

1-Discussion of the minutes of the previous meeting with Dr Kris in Budapest 25th of August 2015.

2-Discussing the current status in view of the progress of the website, acknowledging the near final form of the site and expecting it to be launched by the end of this year.
3- Suggesting the coming activities that might be anaddition to the project:

With the launch of the circle of communication via the website free registration and the growing library that expected to grow over the time, we suggest a few free registrations for the active members in the upcoming Budapest meeting ( and hopefully annually) that will reinforce the value of this ( Circle of Communication) and motivate the active members to get involved more in the skeleton of the WIP.

They might get interested in the WIP educational program and training workshops …which accounts to the ultimate goal of this project ( acute pain leads to chronic pain and management of it can be a good marketing tool for chronic pain management).

4-The suggestion of having a one day meeting before the annual WIP meeting (probably the Budapest meeting) that will be delegated to the Acute Pain special interest group in which we can offer one full day of education and discussing the latest topics in this issue with special focus on the new guidelines , interventions that might be of special importance to prevent the progress of acute pain to chronic (i.e. preventive chronic pain management).

5- We need to continue the work on the library to gather the most useful articles that count to our purpose.

6- The suggestion of some more names of the pioneers and experts in this topic APM, e.g. Dr Phil Wiffen of the Cochrane library that we might be able to invite over the coming one month to get involved in this project.

7- We need to start working on two letters,

The periodic officers mail that will include the minutes of the Budapest meeting, this meeting and the link of the first form of the website ( by Amany),

And the invitation letter that will be sent via mail to invite the doctors from the gathered list of e mails, explaining our mission , vision, and encouraging people to register to the website ( by Magdi).
This should be done by the middle of October.

7- Supplementing the main WIP new website with the requested photos and suggesting which photos to be sent.