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Acute Pain Project Agenda - 8/25/15

Inaugural Project Sections: Africa and Middle East

Committee on Acute to Chronic Pain

From the WIP mission:

“…WIP's mission is to bring together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine throughout the world for the advancement and standardization of interventional pain practice and the achievement of improved standards of care for pain patients...”
“…WIP fulfills its mission through sponsorship and endorsement of educational and training programs for pain physicians. These programs are aimed at facilitating the development of practice guidelines and standards of examining and assessing competency in physicians who specialize in interventional pain practice. “

Aim of this committee:

In Budapest 2014, at the Executive Board meeting of 22 August, Dr. Iskander presented his idea to help people with acute pain. Drs. Hartrick and Trescot acknowledged that most people who hurt and become chronic pain patients start at the acute level. Dr. Iskander would like to develop a program targeted towards helping physicians manage acute pain conditions, with his team serving under WIP.

The emphasis of this committee and its projects is specific to the acute pain patient who becomes chronic. This is a key differentiation to avoid conflicts with the missions of other established acute pain societies.

The need of this start-up initiative should be the needs of Africa.

Proposed chair and members of this committee

The running period for each member of this committee is three (3) years. The chair is appointed by the Executive Board. The chair of the committee on bylaws makes proposal amendments to be presented and approved by the Executive Board.

Position of this committee in the Executive Board

The chair of this committee reports to the Executive Board through the Chair of the Board of Sections.  

Support of this committee:

The chair and this committee is supported by the Executive Offices. The agenda and planning is initiated by the chair and supported by the Executive Offices. Meetings to be held by teleconference (or any digital support).


Planned activities:

  1. Two documents
    1. Letter from the WIP President and ExB to APM group stating proud of the work being done and proposed; encourage success. Need contact person for the exchange of material.
    2. Mission statement, statement of the chair, members, planned activities.
  2. Identify/prioritize the top three needs (objectives).
  3. Appoint contact person to liaise with the Executive Offices.
  4. Identify who on the Committee is willing to help in delegated roles?
  5. Create timeline of regular teleconferences; at least twice annually to include the WIP President.
  6. Identify Editorial Review Board for the website, to include this project.
    1. Link to PAPR articles.
    2. Link out to journals via PubMed.
  7. Website registration, bulk upload template
  8. Blog/forum structure: re-populated threat topics; moderator(s) for each.
  9. Letter introducing launch of the website; encouraging participation.
  10. Every member of Africa Section automatically a member of this project.
  11. Identify local needs: Books? Grants? Exchange Program? Connection to EPP Center?
  12. WIP World Congress – special meeting of the APM special interest group.
  13. Social media, create LinkedIn group.
  14. Finalize updates to the acute pain website.


This project proposal was discussed at a Presidential working committee meeting in Budapest on 25 August 2015.